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Authors note: Well its chapter 3! It’s been awhile since I’ve written and I apologize, it’s just been hectic with finals, plays, and well life. I guess one miracle has happened and that’s I have finally figured out how to add chapters. For you Naruto fans out there I’m starting a Naruto fanfic and I hope to get a chapter up some time.

Disclaimer: I DONOT OWN THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. They are peter Lairds and Kevin Eastman’s creations, and no I am not going to ramble this time! I do own Suzie and her family.

“Your going to make her leave aren’t you.”

Splinter approached Raph and put a hand on his shoulder.

“It may be for the best my son.”

Raphael shuddered at his words.

“See if your brother Donatello needs any assistance, tomorrow morning we will make our decision.”

Raph stood up and bowed to his master and went up stairs. Suzie laid unconscious on Donny’s lab. Donny was quickly wrapping her wounded back. Leo stood a foot away with the same look of disgust as he watched Don ‘help’ the new intruder. He heard Raph walk into the room, he took his eye off of Suzie and scowled at Raphael.

“Did Splinter- Sensei say anything to you?”

Raph looked up at Donny who was wiping his bloody hands on a wet towel.

“We will decide her fait in the morning.”

“If she survives.”

Raph looked up to Donny with a worried expression.

“There’s a very high chance she won’t make it through the night. She’s very weak and has lost a lot of blood.”

Raph looked down at Suzie who had a white face.

“Someone has to stay in here with her.”

Leo turned and walked away. He didn’t want to have anything to do with this girl.

“You Son of a Bitch! All you care about is yourself! You selfish bastard!”

Leo stopped in his tracks and looked at Raph.

“I hope the little creature dies! If you ask me you’re the one being the bastard!”

Raph’s eyes widened and watched Leo walk out of Don’s lab. Don sensed his distress and placed a hand on his shoulder.


“Don’t touch me!”

Raph sat down next to Suzie as tears welled in his eyes. Donny sighed and walked out of his room.

“You won’t die and I’m sure of it. If you live through this I will make Leo and Splinter let you stay.”

Raph placed a hand on hers.

The night dragged on, and Suzie started to act up in her sleep.

“Daddy please don’t go! Please don’t make me go!”

‘Suzie, now don’t be selfish. This is my fait, I must go and you must live you life. I was meant to be killed like this, and you can not alter what has already happened. Now go run as fast as you can, and do not return to this house. And remember I will always love you no matter if I’m dead or alive if I’m in heaven or hell, I will always be in your heart.’

Suzie shot up and studied her surroundings. She looked to her left and saw a figure, she poked his arm. He grunted in his sleep and sat up with a drowsy look. Her bright green eyes looked curiously at him. His eyes widened.

“Suzie you awake!”

She started to get out of bed when Raph stopped her.

“N- No stay in bed, I’ll be right back.”

Before she could reach for Raph he was out the door. Raph ran down the stairs and Found Don and Mike asleep on the couch.

“Don get up quick!”

“Huh. What? What is it?”
“She’s awake Suzie’s awake”

Raph jetted up the stairs, and as he entered Don’s lab he froze. Leo was standing by the bed Suzie was in. He reached back and slowly pulled out his katana and put it to her neck, Leo’s brown eyes looked into her green eyes. Slowly Suzie’s eyes welled with tears and her mind started to race, things started to change as she her memories filled her mind.

‘Daddy help me.’

‘Let her go she has done nothing wrong!’

‘Oh that’s were your wrong she is your daughter she will die at your side!’

‘You bastard!’

Things started to change back to normal, but she was still talking to her self.

“Daddy no I won’t leave you. Please let me stay with you!”

Donny rushed in and shoved Leo out of the way. Leo katana swung and cut into Don’s arm.

“She’s hallucinating! Raphs what’s her name!”

Raph stood frozen till he heard his name.

“Uh Suzie.”

Don looked down at Suzie as she started to fight against his grip. Raph stepped forth and looked at her. Raph placed a hand on Don’s shoulder; Don looked at him and saw Raph nod. Don stepped out of Raph’s way. He gently reached out and placed his hands on Suzie’s cheeks.

“Suzie. Look at me.”

She stopped thrashing and opened her eyes.

“Suzie tell me what happened to you. Tell me what you remember.”

She looked up into Raph’s eyes and then her gaze turned to Leo. Fear struck her eyes as she dug her face into Raph’s arm and started crying. Raph looked at Leo as hatred filled his eyes. Suzie looked up to Raph and slowly began to talk.

“All I can remember is my mommy put me to sleep, and my Daddy had went into his dojo. A while later my dad came and woke me up and a man in spiky armor grabbed me and cut into my back and then he hurt my daddy. My daddy told me to run away and never go back to my house.”

Tears started to roll down his cheeks.

“Did you dad ever say his name?”


“Did you see some men dressed in black?”

“Yes, they had a red symbol on their chest that looked like a paw pint.”

Leo had a look of disbelief. He turned and looked at Raph. Raph pulled Suzie into a hug and she began to cry.

“Hey don’t worry well get this worked out don’t worry.”

“Raph I-I didn’t know. I thought she was just another human.”

“Leo don’t even try to apologize. She’s been terrorized enough just leave her alone.”

Leo turned and walked out of the lab. Raph stood up and helped Suzie down the stairs. Suzie had a bit of a limp but nothing serious. Mikey was still asleep on the couch and Splinter who had heard the whole thing was watching the news. Raph took Suzie into the kitchen.

“So you want anything one breakfast?”

“No I’m not hungry.”

“All right.”

Splinter came into the kitchen.

“I have talked to Leonardo and he would like to speck to her.”

“As long as I can be with her.”

“No it will only be Leonardo and I.”

Raph looked at Splinter.

“Hello young one. My name is Hamto Splinter.”

Suzie looked at the ageing rat.

“Would you like to come with me.?”

She turned and looked at Raph. He nodded; she stood up and left with Splinter. Splinter took her to his room where Leo was at kneeling waiting for splinter. Suzie stopped and her knees locked as she saw Leo. Splinter turned and looked at Suzie.

“Do you have a name young one?”

She nodded.

“It’s Suzie Parker.”

Splinter looked down and sighed. Leo stood up and Suzie immediately backed away turned and ran from the two. She ran down the stairs found Raph and grabbed onto his leg. Raph looked down.

“What’s wrong?”

She turned and looked over and seen Leo in the doorway. She went behind Raph and held onto the sides of his shell. Raph stood up and looked at Leo.
Yet another Chapter.
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